ZOUBOULAKIS S.A. has been operating in the field of foodstuff with great success. The perishable and long shelf-life foodstuff that we offer are fully guaranteed and come from producers who use excellent raw materials and apply the most rigorous standards set by the existing legislation. To this cause, our company has selected partners that have established and apply a Management System for the Hygiene and Safety of Foodstuff (HACCP, ISO 22000) for all the products that they sell and distribute.

Furthermore, the company is actively engaged in the field of cleaning and personal hygiene, as we have further expanded our activities, offering solutions in the category of professional cleaning items, professional paper products, cleaning tools and consumables. The company offers integrated solutions in cleaning and hygiene products for all professionals such as: Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Services, Cleaning Services, Super Markets, Hospitals, Ships, Industries, Schools, and Commercial Buildings.


We offer quality solutions in:

  • Cleaning and hygiene products and systems for spaces/surfaces, kitchens and fabrics
  • Top quality professional paper products, which are produced in our facilities with the most contemporary machines, using methods that completely respect the environment
  • Apparatus for the use of paper products – personal hygiene products and for the proper dispensing of detergents
  • Cleaning tools and materials (brooms, mops, poles, buckets and carts, gloves, sponges and wires, Wettex and cloths)

Consumables for use in Catering Services (aluminum utensils – plastic cups, caps, straws, aluminum foils, cellophane, single-use gloves).



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