In collaboration with accredited manufacturers, our company is able to supply a full range of products in clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment for individuals working in all Security Forces, the Army and Local Authorities (Prefectures – Municipalities).


Work boots and shoes

Safety boots and shoes


Safety galoshes

Work pants

Work jackets

Work uniforms

Work helmets

Work hats

Work beanies

Work parkas

Work shirts

Work pullovers

Work gloves (fire resistant gloves, anti-cut gloves, gloves for chemicals, single-use gloves)

Garden gloves, kitchen gloves, low temperature gloves etc.

Full face masks

Half face masks

Single-use masks, spraying masks

Painting masks

Anti-dust masks

Medical masks

Eye washers

Welding masks

Protective glasses


Arc light protection glasses

Ear protection, earplugs

Uniforms for chemicals, fire resistant uniforms, fire retardant uniforms

Anti-fall equipment, anti-fall belts

Safety belts, ropes, rings and karabiners etc.

Flashlights suitable for workers, rescuers, firefighters, hunters, fishers, divers

Anti-explosive flashlights

Equipment for firefighters

Clothes and uniforms for firefighters

Helmets for firefighters

Helmets for rescuers

Equipment for forest firefighters

Bags for forest firefighters

Clothes and uniforms for rescuers

Equipment for rescuers



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