Quality Policy Zouboulakis S.A.
Published: Thursday 11 March 2021 10:54
Quality Policy Zouboulakis S.A.With the arrival of 2021, our company, Zouboulakis SA, proudly intensifies its processes, the new Information Security Policy which you will find in detail here. Our goal is the continuous development in order to provide you with excellent services under well-structured procedures.   Thank you for your continued support and preference!!




Tablet Installation Instructions
Published: Thursday 25 February 2021 10:54
Tablet Installation Instructions For your convenience, our company, Zouboulakis SA, provides tools that make the installation of Tablets easy and fast. By clicking here you will find detailed instructions for the initial setup of your Tablet and in addition, by following the link: https://youtu.be/meaKsD9YUSQ, you will also find the relevant video. We continue to be by your side as you can contact us at the phones and emails that you will find on our website, to provide you with any help you need. Thank you for your continued support and preference!!




ZOUBOULAKIS SA with a Dynamic presence at the Money Show of Athens 2019
Published: Friday 08 February 2019 15:46
ZOUBOULAKIS SA with a Dynamic presence at the Money Show of Athens 2019As part of the events of this year's Athens Money Show, held at the Divani Caravel Hotel, ZOUBOULAKIS SA gave a dynamic presence. Our executives on Friday, January 18, held speeches related to the subject of their work, while on behalf of the Management greeting was addressed by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Efstathios Zouboulakis.




Equipment - Treatment of Organic Residues
Published: Friday 05 January 2018 09:20
Equipment - Treatment of Organic ResiduesWe present to you the new technology equipment supplied by our company for the treatment of organic residues. More information can be found in the enclosed brochures: Equipment - Organic Residues Processing


Extract from the Analysis on Law 4412/2016 as part of the Money Show event
Published: Tuesday 21 February 2017 20:34

(Here is a small briefing regarding the analysis on the Law 4412/2016)


Good morning to everyone. With this analysis, I will attempt, at the time I am provided, to present in a clear way the advantages and disadvantages of the new legislation 4412/2016, as this is a huge piece of legislation and a detailed analysis cannot be made in the context of today's event.

So let's begin the analysis of Law 4412/2016 with a basic assumption. We can call it good or bad, complicated, in many provisions of the vague or perhaps incomplete, but with this law, and in general with this legislative regime, all those involved in public procurement should move forward, at least in the near future. Either from the legal point of view, or from the point of view of the contracting authorities, or the professional in the field of public procurement, ...


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