Quality policy:


In our company, ZOUBOULAKIS SA, we commit ourselves to the following:

  •      -The services / products we provide to our customers will fully meet their requirements as well as the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.
  •      -Orders and / or contracts with our clients will be executed as agreed and the Company will fully execute all its obligations.
  •      -Our goal always remains the continuous and complete customer satisfaction.
  •      -To respond promptly to the demands and problems of our clients / partners.
  •      -To protect the environment
  •      -The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, the Environmental Management System and the operations of the Company.

In order to implement the Quality and Environment Policy, the Company operates under the following principles:

  •      -Each employee is responsible for the quality of his / her own work and is fully informed about the applicable Enterprise Unified Management System (UMS) and the objectives / indicators that have been set.
  •      -We set goals as company, provide the resources required to achieve them and the results of the statistical analysis that we carry out, are analyzed in the context of our continuous effort to improve our products and services to our customers and to protect the environment
  •      -We provide appropriate training to our Company staff as well as appropriate equipment and appropriate infrastructure to perform the tasks assigned to it
  •      -The Company has appointed a Managing System Process Manager who has organizational independence and authority to ensure that an UMS is also applied where appropriate corrective action is required.
  •      -The suppliers we partner with, should keep the Company's commitments to its customers and stakeholders but also to take environmental protection into account.

All staff and external partners (when required) should apply the Unified Management System that falls within their scope of activity.

The strategic objectives of the company are defined as:

  •      -High returns on business investment stemming from company’s operations
  •      -Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  •      -Continuous Improvement of the company and its services / products
  •      -Competitive products and services
  •      -Ensuring the continuity and availability of the service / products
  •      -Continuous monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness of functions based on objectives and indicators.


Health and Safety

In ZOUBOULAKIS SA, the basic principle and commitment of Management is to ensure the health and safety of all those involved in its activities, in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. In this context, an Integrated Health and Safety System has been developed and implemented that fully meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007.

The Company's Management, through regular and emergency meetings, identifies and ensures the availability of the resources required for the proper operation of the System and, at the same time, sets measurable, objective goals for health and safety at work, which it is constantly monitoring to ensure, on the one hand the adequacy, effectiveness and continuous improvement of the System and, on the other hand, the suitability of this Policy.

More specifically, ZOUBOULAKIS SA undertakes to:

  •      -take measures to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases,
  •      -comply with all legal and other requirements relating to its activities, relating to health and safety at work,
  •      -define goals, objectives and programs, which are systematically reviewed, seeking to
  •      -continuously and further improve its performance on health and safety issues
  •      -cooperate with bodies responsible for health and safety at work,
  •      -ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities in accordance with the Occupational
  •      -Health and Safety System and are aware of health and safety issues at work,
  •      -communicate its policy to employees, stakeholders, traders and the social environment.


Food Safety

ZOUBOULAKIS SA has many years of experience in Procurement Management in the field of Public Sector.

      The security of goods moving from ZOUBOULAKIS SA is, for the management and its staff, of the highest priority and importance. In the framework of the operation of ZOUBOULAKIS SA in a highly competitive market, the Health and Food Safety System it implements, satisfies both National Legislation and European Union Legislation on Food Hygiene and Safety, aiming at the production and disposal of safe and reliable products.

     The main objective of the company's quality policy is to avoid problems through their early prevention, as well as through the continuous improvement of its organization, with the active participation of all its staff in its goals. The company also takes care of remedying the problems it may pose to its customers.

     The principles through which the company's compliance with the requirements of the National and European Legislation is ensured are listed in the Food Safety Manual.

     All issues related to the Company's product safety are handled by the Food Safety Coordinator with responsibility and independence, following assignment of the relevant responsibility by the Management.

     Therefore, the company guarantees that both the requirements of the National and European Legislation and its specifications are fully met.


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