From 1979 to today ZOUBOULAKIS SA PROCUREMENT FIRM is a leading supplier of the Greek broader Public Sector (Ministries, Army, Universities, Public Utilities, Prefectures, Municipalities, Security Forces, Public and Private Schools, etc.) and private sector companies.

The company has highly trained staff, specialized expertise and a large established customer base of over 1,000 companies and organizations. While constantly investing in human resources and expertise, the company seeks to improve its competitive position in the Greek market, through implementing major projects and building long-term relationships with customers and partners. In about 40 years of operation, the Company has implemented large contracts - projects in the private and public sector.

One of the main advantages of the company, in which the long-term existence and stable development of the company is due, is the strict selection of our suppliers-partners. Before our company decides to collaborate with a supplier, it examines in detail every parameter that is related to the triptych “experience-reliability-quality”.



Since the beginning of the company's operation, the vision of its founder, John Zouboulakis, was, in parallel to its growth, the creation of a strong corporate culture over time.

Constantly investing in human resources and expertise, the company seeks to continuously improve its competitive position in the Greek market, by implementing major projects and building long-term relations of cooperation. Our vision is to develop and successfully improve our company in the procurement industry, to provide excellent services to our customers, to operate and develop our network in accordance with similar companies’ standards in developed countries and to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers, employees, partners and the community in general. The result is impressive, as in the course of all these years of operation, the vision of ZOUBOULAKIS SA is fulfilled and constantly updated.



Objectives are leading us to the fulfilment of the company’s mission and vision. Objectives should reflect the actual status of the company and refer to measurable results.

Since its foundation until today, the company's objectives, are:

Immediate and effective response to all our customers’ needs and desires

 Complete customer satisfaction

ZOUBOULAKIS SA PROCUREMENT FIRM, with a highly trained staff, specialized expertise and a large customer database of over 1,000 companies and organizations (Ministries, Military, Universities, Public Utilities, Municipalities, Public and Private Schools, etc.) has managed to achieve its objectives which are the design - development of solutions and the provision of services tailored to the needs of each customer.


 Philosophy & Culture

The corporate culture of a company is known to have its roots in philosophy and, although it may not be something tangible and measurable, it manifests itself through the principles that have been passed on from the founder of the company to its employees. Our own principles in ZOUBOULAKIS SA are moral integrity, traditions and customs of the company, commitment to practices that abide to the existing law, but also our way of action in the procurement market.

From a relevant survey we found out that corporate culture is an extremely important element in the successful execution of a business strategy. These results have given us great satisfaction because for 40 years, the strategies that we apply are fully in line with the culture of our company, especially with its inviolable element, which is the total satisfaction of our customers and employees.


 Corporate policy

ZOUBOULAKIS SA is committed to the marketing of quality products, while seeking the lowest possible impact on the environment and the complete satisfaction of customer requirements. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22000:2005 (DQS HELLAS) standards, it has a “Certificate of Compliance with the Principles and Guidelines of Good Distribution Practices for Medical Technology Products” (Ministerial Decision 1348/2004 Ministry of Health and Welfare) and applies an Environmental System Management, which ensures the Company’s compliance with all relevant legislative requirements and the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Moreover, in the exercise of its activities, the Company encourages the involvement of all employees in environmental improvement measures and urges all third parties (suppliers, contractors) involved with the company to act accordingly. The company publishes its environmental policy, aiming to create and maintain a relationship of trust with public authorities, local community, suppliers and customers.


 Human resources

Human resources is key to the success and development of the company. The company constantly invests in education and training of the staff, in order to enable it to cope with the continuous challenges of the market.


 Corporate form

The corporate form is Société Anonyme (SA).

Headquarters: Vas. Alexandrou 84 - PC 12134 Peristeri

Offices: Vas. Alexandrou 39 - PC 12131 Peristeri

Tel: 210 5732084 - 210 5723646

Fax: 210-5774852

  Οrganization chart


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